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Security Solutions

Embed strong security everywhere your business meets the world

Monthly Threat Brief: The SIG Download | Tricia Howard, Security Intelligence Group, Akamai

Get the Lowdown on the Latest Cyberattacks

In this unique monthly webcast series, the Akamai Security Intelligence Group (SIG) will go over the most notable threats and the coolest security research that has hit our radar in the past 30 days.

Keep pace with threats as your attack surface grows

Increasing security attacks, whether cloud-based or on premises, mean you need to build security into everything you create — anywhere you build it and everywhere you deliver it. Our solutions leverage our global security platform to protect your unique environment and all of its critical applications, so you can confidently innovate and expand your business, without creating new vulnerabilities.

Strengthen your security posture

Innovate faster while lowering security risk, knowing your protection is evolving faster than threats — or your competition.

Free up your security team to focus on business

Focus human efforts on top workflows, knowing our solutions help you plan for and respond to zero-day events.

Gain insight on emerging threats

Leverage our visibility into global attacks to prepare for threats that may affect your business.

Security Products

Secure Apps and APIs

Protect applications with strong security

Enable Zero Trust

Prevent breaches and spread of malware

Stop DDoS and DNS Attacks

Protect your sites and customer experience

Prevent Abuse and Fraud

Maintain your brand reputation

Get Active 24/7 Support

Add a fully managed service

A Forrester New Wave Microsegmentation report image showing a green and white wave graphic chart

Learn why Forrester named Akamai Guardicore Segmentation a Leader

Gain insight on the latest attack vectors with Akamai Security Research

Timely analysis of global threat data, with actionable guidance to help you spotlight security risks and strengthen your posture

Understand threat advisories

Learn how attacks are evolving

Access open source threat management tools

Latest Security Resources