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Short reads on threat intelligence, actionable insights, and the latest security news

Weaponizing DHCP DNS Spoofing — A Hands-On Guide

December 21, 2023
In part 2 of this two-part series, Akamai researchers detail methods and attack imitations within DHCP to spoof DNS — and introduce a new tool for your toolkit.
by Ori David
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Novel Detection of Process Injection Using Network Anomalies

December 19, 2023
Akamai researchers created a new technique for detecting process injection by analyzing network anomalies. Read on for a real-world example of this methodology.
by Ofir Shen
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Mute the Sound: Chaining Vulnerabilities to Achieve RCE on Outlook: Pt 1

December 18, 2023
In part 1 of this two-part series, Akamai researchers explore two new Windows vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution against Outlook clients.
by Ben Barnea
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Mute the Sound: Chaining Vulnerabilities to Achieve RCE on Outlook: Pt 2

December 18, 2023
In part 2 of this two-part blog series, Akamai researchers detail the sound-parsing vulnerability that could lead to remote code execution against Outlook clients.
by Ben Barnea
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Akamai’s Perspective on December’s Patch Tuesday 2023

December 15, 2023
Last Patch Tuesday of the year, folks. December 2023 has 33 total CVEs: four were critical and none were exploited in the wild. Read on to learn more.
by Akamai Security Intelligence Group
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Observed Exploitation Attempts of Struts 2 S2-066 Vulnerability (CVE-2023-50164)

December 14, 2023
The Akamai Security Intelligence Group has seen numerous exploitation attempts on Apache Struts 2 since December 7, 2023, when a critical CVE was released.
by Maxim Zavodchik, Sam Tinklenberg, Neeraj Pradeep & Noam Atias
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State of the Internet threat research

A Year in Review — A Look at 2023’s Cyber Trends and What’s to Come
State of the Internet/Security

A Year in Review: A Look at 2023’s Cyber Trends and What's to Come

Our Security Intelligence Group reviews the year’s top events and offers perspective on what they mean for the future.

SOTI Security: The High Stakes of Innovation
State of the Internet/Security

The High Stakes of Innovation: Attack Trends in Financial Services

As financial services continues to embrace innovation, the attack surface increases and presents both old and emerging security risks. 

Tools and resources

Infection Monkey

Put your network security to the test with this open source attack simulation tool from Akamai

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Discover the latest malicious IPs and domains detected by Akamai

Botnet Encyclopedia

Expand your knowledge of botnets found in the wild

GitHub repository

177+ repositories of open source tools from Akamai

RPC toolkit

An open sourced repository to begin or further your journey into RPC

Our mission

With our unmatched visibility into the internet through Akamai Connected Cloud, our mission is to:

  • Protect against current and future threats by sharing actionable intelligence and continually enhancing Akamai’s security solutions
  • Produce meaningful insights for our fellow security practitioners
  • Increase community engagement through our work
  • Build tools that empower security teams and offer novel ways of practicing security
  • Help create a more secure online world

Who we are

We are a global team of world-class researchers, engineers, strategists, and data scientists with a broad range of expertise and security disciplines. Our data sources include the enormous Akamai Connected Cloud, open sources, collaboration with third parties, and dark web intelligence. We have also developed our own algorithms and tools that help us deliver our research and keep Akamai security solutions up-to-date.

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