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Public Sector Solutions

Public Sector Solutions

Secure missions, modernize assets, and optimize user experience.

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Power and protect government online

Everything the public sector does online is mission critical, whether it’s national security or securing a database. Akamai has proven solutions for federal civilian; defense and intelligence; or state, local, and education needs. We back them up with public sector experts and 24/7/365 support.

Robust solutions that optimize public sector outcomes

Secure operations from core to edge

Protect your people, secure your data, and thwart attacks everywhere your agency operates online.

Optimize access and compliance management

Grant users access only where and when it is needed to help maintain integrity and meet regulatory requirements.

Locate applications close to users

Our massively distributed cloud and edge network improves experience because your apps are closer to your end users.

Federal Civilian

Agency modernization and digitization helps keep data and applications secure while delivering better user experiences.

Department of Defense

Ensure your mission-critical capabilities are enabled everywhere those missions take place. Akamai’s global platform puts your capabilities closer to where operators are, while securing them from cyberthreats. Our experts help you modernize and harden key assets.

State, Local, and Education

No matter how many people your agency or jurisdiction serves, applications and data must be accessible, available, secure, and responsive. Akamai’s cloud-based solutions put services closer to citizens and farther away from attackers, and allow your agency to scale in response to growing need, whether that happens instantaneously or over time.

Customer Stories

Featured solutions

Defend & Protect Critical Agency Assets

Akamai solutions keep public data and applications close and cyberthreats farther away.

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Modernize & Segment Agency Environments

Increase efficiency with cloud-based solutions that improve accessibility and availability.

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Enable & Secure Mission-Critical Capabilities

Protect assets both at the core and on the edge, wherever operations take place.

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Protect & Personalize User Experiences

Build, deploy, and secure your applications on a massively distributed cloud and edge platform.

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Zero Trust: Not As Scary As It Sounds

Zero Trust: Not As Scary As It Sounds

Zero Trust grants access only when and where it is allowed, helping protect servers and assets from attacks.

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The public sector faces many challenges online and in the cloud, and Akamai can help you meet them. Whether you’re ready for specific solutions or just have some questions you want answered, we’re happy to talk with you.

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