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Simulate, Validate, and Mitigate with the Infection Monkey

Continuously test your network security and use the insights to make informed security decisions based on real data, not speculations.

Put your network security to the test

The Infection Monkey is an open-source breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform that helps you validate existing controls and identify how attackers might exploit your current network security gaps.

Continuous testing

Regularly run the platform to test your security strategy and specific controls.

Environment agnostic

The Monkey isn’t picky. On-premises, containers, and public and private clouds are all supported.

Actionable data

Report on your network’s performance against a broad set of attacker behaviors.

Featured use case

Infection Monkey report graphic

Validate your defenses

Evaluate if your tools accurately detect ransomware and see just how far it can spread.

Big enterprises trust the Monkey to assess their network security

The Monkey is used in some of the largest enterprises down to the smallest organizations, and it was tested by more than 100 companies with 5,000+ servers.

A lot of value packed into a single package


Security testing at no additional cost

Open Source

Developed under the GPL v3 open source license


Ongoing networkwide security testing

In-depth testing

Simulates post -breach lateral movement

Prove Value

Test your new POC by running Monkey prior to your purchase

Visualize attacker moves

Network map from the attacker’s point of view

Environment agnostic

Supports containers, public and private clouds

Easy to deploy

Ready-made installer for every environment


Automatically handles network regardless of size

Evaluate your security posture in 3 easy steps

1. Simulate

Choose a machine to start from and run the Monkey.

2. Validate

See what actions the Monkey can or can’t take in your network.

3. Mitigate

Act on your new insights and the resulting report recommendations.

Download the Infection Monkey

To download the Infection Monkey, please submit the form at right. We will provide you with the files and an installation guide.