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DDoS Protection

Robust, behavioral DDoS defense — for all layers, in-cloud, on-prem, or hybrid

Defend against today’s most sophisticated attacks

Businesses today face the constant threat of sophisticated and well-orchestrated DDoS attacks. Akamai’s DDoS protection, built on dedicated infrastructure, protects your internet-facing applications and systems while maintaining fast, highly secure, and always-available DNS.

With Akamai, you can stop DDoS attacks and malicious traffic in the cloud before they reach applications, data centers, and infrastructure, without the need for multiple firewalls.

Stop attacks before they reach your applications, data, or infrastructure

Ensure business continuity

Operate confidently, knowing your DDoS defense is built on a dedicated infrastructure.

Optimize protection for your use cases

Maintain fast, always-available DNS with resources segmented across non-overlapping clouds.

Gain full control of traffic before it hits your servers

Stop attacks in the cloud while freeing up internal resources.

DDoS Protection Products