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Financial Services Solutions

Protect your data, customers, and resources as threats evolve.

financial services

Rely on the platform trusted by global financial services institutions

Cyberattacks cost the financial services industry an average of 50% more than all other industries combined. Akamai’s real-time visibility into global threats can help to secure your infrastructure, data, and applications, no matter the device, network, or location in the world.

Akamai ensures that financial institutions can innovate and reduce operational complexity, while continuing to deliver secure, reliable experiences that enhance customer trust and deepen financial relationships.

Akamai joins FS-ISAC as Critical Providers Program founding member

As part of its commitment to cybersecurity threat intelligence sharing in the financial services sector, Akamai is a founding member of the FS-ISAC Critical Providers Program. It fosters continuous collaboration between its member firms and financial institutions, providing network infrastructure and services to strengthen cybersecurity in the industry.

Benefits for financial services institutions

Manage rapid change

Trust in a platform that can adapt to emerging industry trends to deliver secure, reliable services.

Ease compliance

Maintain regulatory compliance with PCI DSS, DORA, and standards like SWIFT and ISO 20022 more easily, using fewer resources.

Better serve customers

Achieve greater visibility to fight fraud and emerging cyberthreats while delivering the experiences that today’s customers expect.

Protecting {industry} across the industry

SOTI Security: The High Stakes of Innovation

Featured solutions

Secure your applications

Keep your apps and APIs protected, even as increased API usage expands your attack surface.

Defend your infrastructure

Secure systems with Zero Trust, whether on-prem, cloud, or hybrid, while easing compliance and risk management.

Protect your customers

Flag suspicious activity, improve customer trust, and protect valuable relationships.

Uphold your reputation

Detect and disrupt fake websites, cyberattacks, data breaches, ransomware, phishing, malware, spoofing, and trademark piracy attempts.

Additional resources

The Evolution of DDoS: Return of the Hacktivists
White Paper

The Evolution of DDoS: Return of the Hacktivists

New report on DDoS from FS-ISAC & Akamai provides insights on hacktivist shift in motivations, targets, actors, and techniques, plus how to stop them.

Adapting in Crisis: Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services
White Paper

Adapting in Crisis: Tackling Cybersecurity Challenges in Financial Services

Now more than ever, financial institutions need simple and creative solutions to reduce cyber risks, meet compliance requirements, and safely embrace new technologies.

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