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Application and API Security

Protect your brand by securing apps and APIs from persistent threats

Shore up vulnerabilities that easily multiply

Applications run our world. But as applications and users proliferate, so do security risks. Our App and API solution family secures your enterprise with an award-winning WAAP, bot management, API security, and DDoS protection that give you the visibility into threats and the attack defenses you need.

Get protections that automatically update, self-tune to your policies, and maintain high performance even while fighting off botnets or record-setting DDoS attacks.

Deliver safe digital experiences every time

Machine learning algorithms offer higher detection accuracy with proprietary risk scoring that goes beyond the OWASP group

Grow your business with secure workloads

Automation of custom protections gives you fewer false positives and less hands-on management of security policies

Safeguard your IP, assets, and revenue

The global scale of our distributed platform improves application reliability and performance across your ecosystem

2023 SANS Survey on API Security. Written by John Pescatore. July 2023
Analyst Report

2023 SANS survey on API security

Get detailed insights into API benchmark data from the new SANS report that evaluates the state of API security

Forrester Wave Leader 2022 Web Application Firewalls

Forrester Names Akamai a WAF Leader

Among 12 vendors, Akamai was recognized for its innovation, roadmap, and strategy.